Little Libraries - #YEG

A few months ago as I was driving to Zwick's pretzels for a mid afternoon snack (more about that later) and I spied a little library tucked down a road in Westmount. I had heard about these little mailbox-like book collections popping up in other cities (where there tends to be less snow) and was happily surprised to see one here in Edmonton. Throughout the summer it can be challenging to keep kids entertained without either going to the dreaded splash park (too many kids) or the everyday bribe of ice cream to have them play nicely together, so I kept a list of little (free!) things to do/visit and this was one of them. 




This old, repurposed newspaper box was full of interesting books. Mostly those popular book club selections from the past 10 years with some eclectic novels thrown in. The setting around the box on someone's utterly charming property was quite sweet; they provided a little bench and garden on a tree lined road. The girls had much fun opening the door and looking through it, giving advice on what to take and lamenting that there weren't many books for little kids. As a pretty voracious reader myself, I had a few books in the car that had already been read and in my ever ending search for de-clutter and minimalism, I quickly gathered them up and put them in box to pass along while taking 1 novel for myself (Whirl Away, Russel Wangersky). 


I'm planning on making a few trips with them in the autumn to other Little Libraries throughout Edmonton as little adventures and to leave books that they have outgrown. On our upcoming travels to other cities, I've made a note to myself to seek out these little libraries as something fun to do. If you know of any we should pop by anywhere, leave a comment below!

And of course, we stopped by Zwicks for a bag of salt and butter pretzel bites.


Here is a list of Little Libraries around Edmonton that I have found:

  • 125 Street, just south of 107 Ave on the east side of street
  • Robertson-Wesley United Church, 123 Street
  • Constable Ezio Faraone park, by the wood stairs
  • DECL, 10042 103 Ave
  • Snap Gallery on Jasper Ave
  • Grant Notley Park, close to the gazebo
  • Oliver Park, just slightly south of the playground