Doughnuts, the new cupcake.


Honestly, who doesn't love a doughnut? And I don't mean one of those par-baked, boxed cake mix Tim Horton 'donuts' with the oddly thick sort of icing (however, I do love me an old fashion plain on occasion with a steeped tea) I mean a real doughnut. A yeasty, fresh pillow of sweet goodness. I do!

It seems like doughnuts, (real doughnuts!) are popping up everywhere in Edmonton. Or maybe I'm just late to this 'party' as usual, but we am definitely backinh this trend. A few weeks back after having brunch at one of my favourite spots, I spied this cute little shop from the parking lot. Doughnut Party's store is charming. It's quite small with exposed brick walls and a low glass counter, a small bit of bar seating at the window and was quite busy for a Thursday mid morning. They have 6 doughnuts on the menu each day and I grabbed a few to bring to work for my office to sample. 


These doughnuts are good. Really good. Lemon poppyseed, birthday cake sprinkle, rhubarb apple fritter, s'mores (x2) and strawberry coconut. Definitely the most popular one that we shared (because they are huge!) was the lemon poppyseed!  Can't wait to try some more of these delicious, uniquely flavoured treats. And perhaps even use them as a parenting technique for bribing little (terrors) sweethearts.