Explore Alberta

I'm not a native Albertan, but I've lived in both Calgary and Edmonton at various times in my life since the early 90s.  Edmonton is our current dot on the map and it seems like this is where we shall be until a lotto win or retirement.   

Now, Alberta is beautiful. No one part is the same as another.  From big sky prairies to snow topped mountains, deserts and wonderous forests, driving through this province is nothing less than stunning. Last summer we headed to Drumheller to check out the dinosaurs, but the scenery left me speechless.  We couldn't wait to go back and explore the canyons and badlands and do some kid-friendly hiking.   

After living in British Columbia for many years on the island, I had come to resent taking the expensive and time consuming ferry (but oh how I miss it now!).  Driving back north after a long weekend around The Dinosaur Trail, we came across a perplexing sign for the Bleriot Ferry. A ferry you say?  In land locked Alberta?  There must be another meaning.  Onward we drove. And there she was.  The ferry is a cabled pulled boat and holds only a handful of cars but such a unique experience with great photo opportunities.  Our operator was so friendly and kind over the 10 minutes we were on and Coco and Bee just loved it.  The ferry is free and it's a nice little journey across the Red Deer River.  A must do while you are exploring Alberta.