Girls' Playroom

One of the reasons we bought our house was because it had an open office space at the front on the main floor. At the time our daughters were just 1 & 2, and now that they are big girls of 3 & 4 their own space is necessary. Unfortunately this room has turned into a kids dumping ground of sorts, in addition to housing nearly every toy you could ever imagine. I'm a person who if 'I don't see it, I don't deal with it' and that seems to have now caught up with me. I hate going anywhere near it and have successfully avoided dealing with it over the last year by only entering our home through the back door. I guess all those times when asked whether they tidied up their toys or not, some little ones only said what they knew Mama wanted to hear.  

Last Saturday I dropped off our girls with my parents for 10 blissfully peaceful days. Oh, I sure miss them but to be truthful the adulting has been fun for the most part. The cleaning, not so much, but the brunching, reading and full nights sleep is just so much YES! After an hour of uninterrupted perusing of Pinterest, I felt inspired to tackle the dreaded toy room. We've got a few more days to buckle down before I journey 1500 kilometres to pick them, so I'm kicking things into a controlled frenzy. Today, I managed to sell the too big, clunky bookshelf and a number of toys that were barely being used. And I refreshed the paint lightly on areas that suffered a few bumps and bangs. I'm honestly embarrassed by how cluttered the room had gotten and I'm already beginning to feel that the room is 'lighter' making it a happier place overall. If my littles are anything like me, the anxiety of being in a messy chaotic state is hard to handle. The organizing and cleaning has been pretty therapeutic as we move together as a family focusing on minimalism. We don't use or need half of the stuff we have and it's time to clean out our house, heart and minds. 

The room gets a good amount of sun even though it's north facing. Tall ceilings make it feel less small. This isn't what it really looks like while it was in use and I've put my large chair and a half (soon to be sold!) blocking part of the entrance to keep our puppy, Jellybean from destroying toys with her razor teeth.

Stay tuned for the transformation and the reveal to Coco & Bee. I'm really pumped about seeing their sweet faces when they see their new playroom!