An introduction of sorts


I've always been a writer. In Kindergarten one of my clearest memories was our teachers asking the children to draw a picture of what they wanted to be as a grownup. And mine was a girl at a typewriter. A book writer, I said! This memory is still so vivid today because I received such praise at both school and at home. As a young student I wrote many short stories and as I became an older student I seriously considered going to post secondary as a journalism major, which in hindsight, is probably what I should have done. The adult me continues to write poetry on occasion and as a mother, I make up stories as a bedtime ritual for my littles. When I think about all of the stuff I've written online starting from my first 'blog' creating a page on Angelfire in 1999, over to Diaryland (the best!), Livejournal for many years and then briefly Tumblr and Wordpress, I finally have some time to do it all again here.

I'm not interested in defining exactly what I may feel like writing about or posting. The condensed version on my thoughts on things that matter to me right now - reading, adult conversations, my lifestyle, parenting, and traveling. The first few years of raising children is no easy task. It's challenges, rewarding as they are, have left little time for me and any of my interests. I would try and read a book at night, and get through one page then be startled awake by the book falling to the floor. I'm sure that I read the same page over and over of Longbourne by Jo Baker about 50 times until I finally gave up.  I finished it 2 years later in Mexico where me and my guy were vacationing blissfully alone, but with the exception of the invisible baggage of parental guilt.

So, this is not a mom blog. I'm not just a mom. It's not a baking blog, even though I love to bake. It's not a DIY or decorating blog because I do a lot of that too. Nor is it a travel blog, as much as I would like it to be. Simply because even though all I would really like to do is travel, read and play with my kids, we don't have the cash money to support that kind of dreamy life. I don't care to label who I am because I am quite flakey, and I feel almost a seizing up of my self esteem when I say I'm just a mom or a (former) military spouse (he has since retired, we aren't dunzo) or a part time finance wizard. I don't define myself by someone else or something I do. I'm a lot of things put together. A mom, a baker, a do-er, a traveler with a considerable wanderlust and a voracious reader. So here it all will lie, in whatever cluttered manic fashion.

My loves and likes in no particular order. My daughters, Coco & Bee. Reading, the ocean, coffee, peace & quiet, ice cream, the West Coast, rain forests, blankets, bowls, and basically everything at Homesense. Boston Terriers, fluffy cats, traveling, good chocolate, laughter. Independent book stores and wine clubs. All British police dramas. All period dramas. Pride & Prejudice; or rather all Jane Austen. Accessories, but not clothes. Online shopping of any sort. Paris, Seattle, Tofino. Any and all French pasteries. The van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and the  Guggenheim in Venice. Italian and Mexican cuisine. Viggo Mortenson and Mark Ruffalo. Robert Louis Stevenson. I have too many daytimers, planners, journals and gel pens, and I can't stop buying more. Spring in Victoria, and autumn on the prairies. Leather boots and pyjamas.

I do hope you like me. Comment and tell me about you.